What we do

We are building a future where coffee communities are confident and thriving.

We co-design projects and programs across 3 key pillars. Our mission is to facilitate the economic empowerment and financial stability of coffee communities by tackling some of the biggest challenges they face today.

Professionalize farmers

Champion professional coffee farming practices to strengthen the socioeconomic resilience of farmers and their communities.

Improve wellbeing

Enhance the quality of life for coffee community members through better education on nutrition, water, health, and sanitation.

Build confidence

Identify and overcome limiting beliefs to help coffee communities envision a different future for themselves.

The challenges

The challenges

Our design principles

Coffee communities are at the heart of everything we do. This means we identify and prioritize their needs together before designing projects. They are always consulted along the way to ensure we address the right issues from the start and continue creating impact for the future.

Communities as active participants

We conduct needs assessment, together with coffee communities, to define the scope, stimulating ownership and co-creation.

Grow the impact, work in groups.

We scale our impact at the start by forming groups, rather than just focusing on individuals.

Continuous learning

All of our programs and projects include capacity building so community members can take ownership of their future.

Experiential leadership.

We learn from each other and from nearby communities through knowledge sharing, open days, and mentorship programs.

Monitor progress

We systematically collect data to track the progress of our programs, so we can report on our impact year on year.

Transition plan

Our aim is to always step back and let communities take over. Collectively, we create a transition plan.

Meet our partners

We could not transform lives without our partners